Lemon Tart Candle

The Fabled Flames

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Product Overview

The perfect D&D accessory for the seasoned Dungeon Master, this D20 Lemon Tart scented candle is sure to delight! Its sunny yellow color and white numbering add a pop of brightness to your game setup, and the surprise D20 hidden inside makes it even more special! The invigorating blend of citrus and herbal scents creates a delightful aroma reminiscent of a freshly baked lemon tart. The long-lasting burn time of 6-8 hours ensures you'll have plenty of fragrance to enjoy during even the longest game sessions. Handmade with care, each candle is poured with paraffin wax and infused with fragrant oil, creating a unique and personal touch.

Please note that each candle may have slight variations in appearance due to its handmade nature.