About Us

Queen Rachel of Ravenwood



Meet Rachel, the half-elf druid Queen of Ravenwood who rules with a gentle hand and a heart full of love for all living creatures. With her green thumb and knowledge of herbal and crystal medicine, she's a true healer of the realm. And, as if she wasn't already amazing enough, she's also a master of all things TTRPG. As co-founder of Ravenwood Games, Rachel has spent over 25 years exploring the endless possibilities of roleplaying. Whether she's playing a goblin bard, a cleric who commands an army of undead, or a slightly mad sorceress, she brings a unique and unforgettable touch to every character she creates. But it's not just her characters that are memorable – as a GM, Rachel weaves tales that will stay with you long after the game has ended. Her ultimate dream is to open her own TTRPG lounge, a place where players and DMs can gather to play, learn, and share their love of the game. Until then, she'll keep ruling Ravenwood with kindness, wisdom, and a soft spot for all creatures great and small.

King Josh of Ravenwood



Meet Josh, the King of Ravenwood who rules by day as a financial analyst and by night as a master of all things TTRPG. With a love for numbers and a talent for working with Microsoft Excel, Josh is a true Renaissance man. But don't let his day job fool you – this king knows how to have fun, too. Whether he's spending time outdoors camping, hiking, or fishing, or whipping up delicious meats on his smoker, Josh knows how to live life to the fullest. Thanks to his druid wife, Rachel, Josh has been bitten by the roleplaying bug and has over 13 years of experience exploring different systems and creating unforgettable characters. From Cael the dwarf zen archer, to Elamros Onyxarm the mostly-naked dwarf monk, to Sylus the bloodthirsty paladin, Josh has a knack for bringing unique and entertaining characters to life. And as a GM, Josh is a true master of the unexpected. He loves creating stories with twists and turns that his players never see coming, making every game a thrilling adventure. With his combination of brains, brawn, and a love of the unexpected, Josh is the perfect king for Ravenwood.